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2011-07-14 - New apartment locked in

We signed on that apartment I was talking about yesterday - the one with tons of closet space and a balcony. I think we can start moving in Monday, but I need to get the electricity turned on first. I did get a special offer from my friend in Munich for a fantastic space, thanks misfitstray! =]

Oh, and you asked about why I was on allergy meds in the first place. Back then, I was getting lots of upper respiratory infections, and the dr. said it was from allergies. Man, now, I haven't been sick in forever. Since I stopped the Allegra, I have had some upper respiratory symptoms, but they're not bad at all. Maybe I've gotten used to all the allergens in Houston - there's so much pollution in this city, I've probably just acclimated to it.

I go to Florida tomorrow, my flight leaves at 10 in the morning. I'm taking tomorrow off work.

I got laundry in the washing machine I must now attend to.

PS My boss is on vacation ALL next week.

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