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2011-07-19 - boom shaka laka boom

Florida trip was good, even if it was short.

I like non-stop flights.

I'm flying to Dallas on Sunday for a work conference. Returning Tuesday.

We get the keys to our new apartment tomorrow. Then we have 2 1/2 weeks to move.

Reminder: my boss is off all this week.

Kelsi: I know how you feel about those padded bike shorts.

I purchased "The Stand" at the airport on Friday because my flight was delayed an hour. It's a huge book, Steven King wrote it. I'm on page 182. I've been trying semi-successfully to not watch TV this week and read instead. I was successful last night. Tonight? Not so successful.

My dad left me another message today, I didn't listen to it.

I've got a conference call tomorrow morning at 8:30.

I'm almost over my Allegra addiction. It's been, what, 3 weeks? I still get these random bouts of intense itching on my body, but they are getting less and less frequent. Fucking crazy ass shit.

"The Stand" by Steven King is 1,439 pages long.

My little sister chopped all her hair off and donated it to Locks of Love. My hair's longer than her's now.

I want to ride Saturday.

Richard's been really stressed out because of his job lately.

My little sister was mortified when I told her I only wash my hair once a week. She would not budge one bit in her opinion that it was the grossest thing ever, and cracked jokes about how my hair was smelly. My hair is not smelly. Fuck you, little sister. Your jokes aren't fucking funny. What's up with family members insulting my physicalities?

Tomorrow's Wednesday. Can't wait to get the keys to our new place!

(Sorry I'm so negative in this entry.)

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