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2011-07-30 - Vacuuming Niko

Last night was so good! We drank, we danced, all our friends were at the club. It was packed, and the music had everybody dancing their asses off. I wore my blue wig, it was a hit. Everyone loves my $9 blue wig from Target.

At work yesterday - I was so incredibly busy all day, it was pretty nuts. I had to stay until almost 6 in order to get all my shit done, so I didn't get home until almost 7.

I got home, and we raced out the door to get some food -- we were both fucking starving. We had Mexican. Then we raced home to get ready for the club. Got there just before 10. I was still full from dinner, so I ended up having only 2 drinks the whole night. But they make them so strong there, it was more like 4 drinks. I danced my ass off, and got really sweaty, I didn't give a fuck. My wig made me hotter, because essentially it's like wearing a hat.

Now it's Saturday morning, Niko's in my lap in bed, we're all snuggly with Richard and another cat. Purr purr purr. Man, nothing beats physical contact with a purring kitty. I love it when cats purr.

So, we have until Saturday August 6th to move out of our apartment. The big stuff we're moving tomorrow. Richard's got a friend with a pickup truck, they're doing the big stuff tomorrow (bed, 3 big bookshelves, sofa, 2 big dressers). So today Richard and I are gonna take a bunch of small stuff, as much as we can. We've taken 2 or 3 car loads a few evenings this week, so at least we've started, that feels good.

Pantry update:
We asked them (again, for the 3rd time now) to clean the pantry, and they did... but it's still not satisfactory. So I went to the hardware store last night on the way home and talked to them about my problem. They suggested an industrial-strength fungicide/algicide spray, then an odorless anti-odor spray. And lots of Arm and Hammer baking soda. I bought the 2 sprays (it was almost $30!!), and I still need to go to the store for baking soda. I like this idea much better than painting. Painting was going to be a lot of work.

New steps for Pantry Project:

1. Remove shelves from pantry. (This should be easy as they just pop off. I tried it already.)

2. Place shelves in bathtub to catch the run-off, and spray with fungicide/algicide. Let set. Rinse. Dry. Spray with anti-odor spray. Let dry.

3. Spray pantry walls and floor with fungicide/algicide. Let set for a bit. Then turn on portable fan to dry walls. Spray with anti-odor spray. Let dry.

4. Replace shelves.

5. Place baking soda containers in pantry for a few days until smell is completely gone.

6. Repeat steps 1-3 if smell persists.

Thank you for joining me in my OCD journey to have a pantry I deem fit to house food for human consumption.

Oh. My. God. I forgot to tell you about how Niko LIKES TO BE VACUUMED! She likes it with the brush attachment. I was vacuuming the other evening, and she was hanging out nearby as I was vacuuming the upholstery of the dining room chairs, and I just started vacuuming her and she loved it. She wasn't even afraid of the sound. She rolled over on her back, started purring (I felt her throat and it was vibrating), and did biscuits in the air with her little front paws. It was adorable and hilarious. I vacuumed her whole body, except her head, she didn't like that. Problem solved! For cat hair problems at home, go straight to the source.

Ok, going to go make some breakfast, I'm starving.

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