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2011-08-06 - Delicious processed foods loaded with sodium and potassium benzoate added to packaging to preserve freshness!

We are done moving all our crap into the new apartment! We finished last night at 11:30. We also cleaned the fuck out of the old place, and I put spackle on all the holes in the wall. (There were some huge ones from my massive bike rack that holds 5 bicycles.) We'll go back over today sometime to retrieve the cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaner, and I've got to sand the dried spackle a tad. I know what I'm doing, for the most part. The past 3 places I've lived, I've gotten my deposit back.

I'm so tired. What the heck am I doing up on a Saturday morning? I am sleeping in, as soon as I finish this entry, I'm going back to sleep.


Yet I feel SO good about being finished with moving. Our new place is a total wreck with stuff strewn about. We didn't really use boxes, I have a ton of those fabric bags you get for free at trade-shows and grocery stores, they work great, and are super-easy to carry on your shoulder.

The only thing that's organized is my closet. The rest of the apt looks like a tornado blew through.

But good news! The pantry doesn't smell anymore! But just to be safe, I'm going to do a few more applications of that odorless anti-odor spray I got at the hardware store. And I'm going to always have a few boxes of baking soda in there to absorb any smells. Yay!! This makes me so happy. (The stinky shelf remains outside until further notice.)

The kitties are still deliriously happy. There's so much sunlight in our new place, I love it! The old place didn't ever have sunshine, it was cave-like. Richard loved it, he's a ginger so the sun is his natural enemy. In the new place, the kitties bask on the window sills, getting baked by the hot late-afternoon sun. I come home and they're all drunk on sunshine, it's great. I can't wait for them to start going out on the balcony, so far my kitty has expressed complete terror, she won't even come 2 feet from the doorway to the balcony, she's never even seen a balcony. It'll take time, there's no rush.

We met one of our neighbors directly across the hallway from us. He's also a ginger, a friendly ginger! Good times.

I haven't worked out all week. This is a bummer. Maybe I'll go to the gym today at our new apartments. I'm supposed to ride bikes this evening with my girl bike friends at 6, but I think it's going to be scorchingly hot at that time. Forecast says 100F (38C) for today, and usually 5-7 is the hottest time of the day. Anyway, and also I'm riding for sure with these same girls tomorrow at 7am. I'm considering riding my fixie, I haven't ridden it in forever, the tires need air, which is no problem at all. Just have to find my bike pump amongst all the chaos.

I've got 2 kitties asleep on me right now. They have been such little troopers during this whole move. So adaptive. Still manage to give lots of love at the end of the day, stress melting into their little kitty bodies, transferred from the humans. Where it goes is a mystery.

We're not going to have Internet for a week or so, or TV either. This is not good for Richard as he needs it for his business, plus he's emotionally wrapped up in all his TV shows, and it's difficult for him to be away. At least he has the Internet on his phone. Me? I secretly think this is fucking fantastic! I actually read my book a few times after I got home from work, before we started moving stuff from the old apartment. It was so peaceful to just plop down on the couch with my book and read a few pages. I get completely lost in books. I used to read a TON when I was a kid and teenager, and in college, too. Reading's cool. Your eyes move across a black and white page, but you see things moving around and happening in your brain. Amazing. It's like TV for people without rotted brains.

I ate a bunch of Pringles and Combos last night when Richard and I had a celebratory drink after completing moving. Ugh, processed food! Oh well, I guess a little bit is OK. Man, it was good to just sit down on the couch with him and finally fucking chill! We finished watching the movie Repo Men. That was actually a cool movie, and I want to buy the soundtrack. Maybe I'll go to my local record shop today and do that.

Ok, I've been up for an hour and 45 minutes. Time to go back to sleep, I need rest.

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