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2011-08-18 - oil change on a Thursday

The thing last night...

was partly my fault. I have this annoying habit of paying attention to my phone way too much when I'm with Richard, and I don't hear what he is saying to me. I'll nod and say "yeah, uh huh", but it's insincere. So, I was doing that last night when we were talking about getting pizza, and that's what ultimately pissed him off. Although we both agree that storming off in a drunken huff was not very mature. If he'd just said "Hey get off your phone and listen to me", it'd have turned out much better, but he was frustrated because he's told me that so many times before.

I'm no angel. And in my entry yesterday I made it seem like I didn't do anything wrong.

He promised that tonight will be better. We both apologized.

I want to put up the living room curtains tonight.

Also, last night, Richard felt unappreciated because he spent all day getting our cable and Internet set up. I did thank him profusely before the blow-up last night, but you know how when you're fighting and all the negative stuff gets lumped together.

Oy vey.

I'm at the car shop getting my oil changed. I've been here 45 minutes, and they haven't even started on my car.

I started another Twitter account. LSpacePrincess. I'm pretending to be Lumpy Space Princess from the Adventure Time cartoon. So far, I've done 3 tweets, and made a cool avitar picture.

I've really been thinking a lot about playing/writing music. I really should start it up again. What's stopping me? Hm. I want to make my 2012 New Years resolution to be in a band. I can start practicing now, so that when January rolls around I won't be an idiot when I go to try-outs, or whatever it is the kids are doing nowadays. Whoop!!

I woke up at 4 this morning. Richard was asleep on the floor beside the bed.

We forgot to feed the kitties dinner last night, so they were starving. One of them ate their breakfast too fast, and they puked. Gross!

Ok! They're done with my car! I was wrong, they HAD moved my car.

Going back to work, now.

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