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2011-08-17 - boys


Got hassled by my boss this morning, to the point where she talked down to me in front of other people.

Then I come home and get yelled at by my drunk boyfriend to call the pizza place because their new online order system didn't seem to be working. When I confessed I didn't really want pizza all that bad, he left in a huff to go get fast food, then texted me, "I'm at the bar, don't wait up for me."

What the hell did I do wrong now? I'm sure he'll explain it all to me later.

I'm so exhausted. I can't even begin to tell you how exhausted I am. I was looking forward to coming home, having a bite, and doing a bit of organizing on the apartment, then watching Breaking Bad with the BF. But now I'm just sick to my stomach with guilt (over whatever it is I did, who knows what it is), too exhausted to even think about working on the apartment.

I was all inspired on my way home from work, too. Last night I did some cool shit with the shelf, and I hung a few things on a wall.

I should just get ready for bed and read my book. The calm before the storm, I suppose.

On a more positive note: I'm not sick anymore.

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