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2011-09-23 - Whaaaaa?!? ----> updating at work

I'm at work updating my diary. I've been a stranger here. I spend most of my Internet time on the Twitter.

It's Anneliese's B'day today.... HAPPY B'DAY, ANNELIESE! I don't know if you still want to talk to me anymore! I sent you a B'day package about a week and a half ago, and an email - but I haven't heard back from you at all! I wonder if the postal service in Switzerland lost your package! Anyway, I hope you're just on vacation or something, away from the Internet. You're going to LOVE what I sent you!

Ok, that was my PSA to my friend Anneliese. We will now return to your regular Acorn broadcasting.

Which has been so infrequent, lately. Sorry about that. Things have been gooood. I've really been digging on me and Richard's relationship, we got so much grooviness going on right now, just this really cool vibe, and long, long gazes into each other's eyes. He's been more understanding of my insane fitness routines, and I've been more expressive of my love & affections. And our family life at home with the kitties has been so enjoyable. We love our 3 kitties so much, they're like our children. They bring us much much joy. I know it sounds really corny, doesn't it. But we've been SO into this stuff lately, it's really fun and hilarious. We've been laughing a LOT lately.

I'm still ridiculously busy at work. I have to keep organized with so much stuff, I have to wrangle so many people via phone and email, it's insane. I have to write every single little thing down or else I'll forget it, or get confused. I wish I was one of those people who could just remember everything, but I'm not. I've been focusing more on being the coolest person on the planet, so there's that. People respond well to coolness, I must say. I've really been focusing on being ME, and having more confidence in my abilities, and it's working - I'm doing better at my job. Bosses are pleased and taking notice, which is interesting.

I did get hassled today by a boss for my skirt being too short. Ho hum, guess I won't wear this outfit again, but I must say... I'm a cyclist, and I've got fantastic legs. No one should be offended by taking a peek at them, but rules are rules in the corporate world. Boss said I'd recently been a "topic of discussion." Hilarious!

I leave tomorrow for San Diego for work, I return Tuesday afternoon.

I can't remember if I told you or not, but I've been going to Bikram yoga again. Mostly at the 5:30 a.m. class. It's on my way to work, so I take a shower there and get ready for work. I keep forgetting stuff, like deodorant and underware. I had to stop at the CVS (drug store) on the way this morning for undies. All they had was granny panties. So today I'm wearing green and pink horizontally striped giant underpants that I have to fold over the top because they're so huge they go up over my waist. I'll never forget undies again!!

So I've done 7 classes thus far. I got a 10-class package, so I've got 3 more classes until Oct 5th. Easy. It's so good to be doing it again. I think I'd do it more often if it wasn't so dang time consuming!

DUDE! I went to see Pearl Jam 20 Tuesday night at the theatre, it was awesome. I will admit I haven't been an insane fan like some people (Kelsi, I salute you! Oh hardcore PJ fan you are!), but I'll tell you, their music has been around for a long time in my life. I saw them a the 2nd Lollapalooza in 1992 with Soundgarden and Ice Cube. I also saw them in '09 at ACL with Richard, which was awesome. They are a cool motherfucking band. The part in the movie where they show the footage from the MTV awards is so fucking hilarious, I have been chuckling to myself for days, now. I remember the first PJ song I heard was "Alive" on the radio in the car in 1991 or 92. I remember freaking out to my little sister telling her, "You gotta hear this guy's voice! You gotta hear this song!" When I was a stoner at UT in 93 or 94, me and my stoner friends would get stoned and walk around the apartment just saying "Eddie Vedder" over and over again, because it was such a cool sounding name.

And speaking of the wacky weed, I have been holding true to my New Year's resolution to not take part. I did have a craving a week or so ago when we were watching Celebrity Rehab and they showed a big plate of kind bud. I actually started salivating, isn't that just the craziest thing you've ever heard?! I'm such a fucking weirdo.

I just have to say, I LOVE my d'land peeps on fucking twitter: Misfitstray, Killsbury, Shelfbeast, iamjackslie, Annanotbob and Brin! If you're on Twitter, my name on there is spicyacorn.

Peace out. I've got a 2 o'clock meeting I've got to attend because I work for the man.

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