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2011-10-16 - Sunday = fun day

My body's very anti-alcohol right now. Very.

2 Thursday's ago I didn't get wasted, I just drank on an empty stomach and ended up having a shot and it really fucked me up bad. I barfed that night and the next morning. And it went out my nose. Totally disgusting. Thankfully I had the day off (Friday). Then Sat/Sun was the Bike Around the Bay ride.

Bike Around the Bay
It's a 2-day, 150-mile ride around the Galveston Bay. I did it last year and had a blast. This year, not so much. I was riding with an energy/emotional vampire, but didn't realize it til afterwards. See, I was trying to be nice. That always gets me into Goddamn trouble.

Saturday, actually, (the 8th) was great. 75 miles, tail-wind the whole time. Rode the ferry on my bike, saw dolphins, etc. It was fantastic.

Sunday it poured the whole day and I didn't bring my rain gear. I was completely drenched the whole day. We finished at 3:15, and they didn't have any place for us to change out of our soggy wet rain gear, so I ended up changing in the bus bathroom... tiny! They had to bus us back to our cars.

I cried at the end. I was kinda traumatized. I still am, a little.

Then Tuesday of this past week I had a frickin meltdown triggered by Richard being a butt. My eyes were swollen from crying the next day, all day. But we worked it out. I got my point across, boy did I ever.

Work's stressful as all get out.

I'm taking tomorrow off, but I still have to check my email and phone messages. That's the arrangement when I take a non-vacation day off. We get 1 a month.

I told everyone I was going to meet them for a ride this morning, but I think I'm going to bail. I've got so much apartment stuff I need to do, still, and it's really been doing a number on my head lately that it's unfinished. I have, like, 4 events scheduled with my bike team today: ride, eat lunch, go see a play, then wrap-up party for bike-around-the-bay.

I've got to re-do the bike rack. I installed it yesterday, but it's too high up on the wall and the bikes are just hanging in the air. Their back tires need to be on the floor so there's not 100% of their weight on the rack. I've got to take the whole goddamn thing down and re-do it. I don't have time for a bikeride right now. I've got things to do!

I just feel totally discombobulated because our apartment isn't put together. We don't have any pictures up. The curtains are up, at least there's that. And it's clean. I cleaned yesterday.

The kitties love the balcony. The weather's been so wonderful lately!

I had this horrible dream right before I woke up. I was on an organized ride with my cruiser and I stopped to go pee, and while I was in the porta-potty, somebody stole my bike! I was very distraught. Then later somebody saw my bike on the news: it had been converted into a bicycle built for 2. A crime scene investigator came and visited me to tell me they'd found my bike, and I hugged him and just cried and cried and cried. I told him he was the only person on the planet who cared about my bike, other than me, of course.

I haven't been updating on here, still. I guess you've noticed. I'm a twitter fiend. I post lots of dumb pictures on there. I got the iPhone update the other day and now you can post pictures directly from your phone, you don't have to have a 3rd party like twitpic, etc. It's amazing. Technology is amazing, people don't frickin realize. I mean, there's this app called "find my iPhone", or some shit like that. It locates your phone from space. Did you know those fuckers have rated this app 3/5 stars???!!! IT LOCATES YOUR PHONE FROM SPACE, on a map. And they rated it 3 stars. That just kills me!

So alls I'm saying is that I think the technology of today is absolutely amazing. Richard calls his phone "a handheld computer with a telephone option".

I made a new friend a few weeks ago, and we finally went out again last night. She's just started going through a divorce. We're a lot alike, it's cool. I don't want to fuck this up. Seems like lately my girlfriends have been in their 20's and are as flaky as fuck. This new chick is just 2 years younger than me. And she's seen Nirvana and liked Ministry back then, too. My kind of girl. She invited me to go to her boxing class with her next week. She says the gym smells like ball sweat. She says the trainer will push you very hard. I want to find out.

I continue to be a raging addict to caffeine. Raging. The freeze-dried coffee at work rules. I make iced chai for me and Richard when we're at home. Like I'll probably do that when I get out of bed here in a second.

I'm typing this on my "phone" while in bed under the covers.

I just feel like my poor poor liver needs a long break. I couldn't finish any of my drinks last night. They all just were gross. I kept forcing myself to drink to be socially acceptable and hang out with my new friend. She's going through a lot.

We called it a night last night at 11:30. Came home and had fritos and bean dip. And a pop tart. Yeah, nutritious. But for breakfast yesterday I had a salad, I swear to god. Maybe I'll do the same thing this morning.

I wish I could sleep in like normal people. Once I wake up, it's really hard for me to go back to sleep.

My cat likes pop tarts.

This entry has really spiraled down into boring crap.

I watched Source Code the other day. Fucking brilliant movie. As good as, if not better than Moon. I own both on DVD.

New music:
I still haven't got Björk's new album.
I got the new Stephen Malkmus and it's fucking brilliant.
I love the new Blink 182's "Neighborhoods".
Revisiting Morrissey's Viva Hate, love it.... still.

I'm still not using shampoo regularly. Maybe 4 times a year.
I'm using unscented soap. Do you know how hard it is to find unscented soap? Very hard. You have to go to the hippie grocery stores.

My right shoulder's been fucked up for a month now. I don't know what the deal is. I was thinking it's because of how I hold my arm when I'm using the mouse at work, which is ALL day. Plus I'm sure biking doesn't help.

I didn't work out this week. I tried on Tuesday but it nearly killed me.

I need a lil break. Tomorrow will be good for me. If I do a bunch of work on the apartment today, I can actually chill the fuck out tomorrow and actually enjoy our apartment tomorrow during daylight hours.

Maybe I'll make breakfast tacos this morning along with the salad.

I'm hungry.


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