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2011-10-17 - the planet

I ended up getting on my bike yesterday morning after all and riding to the coffee shop to have a breakfast salad and some coffee. Then an hour and a half later after hanging with my team at the coffee shop, they all rode to Ninfa's (Mexican restaurant), and I rode home. I rode about 5 miles on my mountain bike in my jeans. It was very sunny on the way home, and hot.

Came home, it was about 12:30. I made Richard some breakfast tacos and we had iced chai together.

I assessed the bike rack I installed the day prior. Shitty job and I have to totally re-do it. I installed it too high, and the wall-mounting materials I should not have re-used the plastic support things. I needed to go to the Container Store, but didn't have enough time before the play. (It started at 3.)

So we went to the play at 3 with my bike team, it was really good. They all wanted me and Richard to go eat with them after 7, but we didn't go and nobody seemed to care. If we had gone, it would have taken up the rest of our evening.

So we went and ate dinner then made it home in time for the Walking Dead season premier at 8. It was really really good. I'm liking this show.

Today I have "off". I'm going to go to the Container Store this morning and get more wall mounting materials for my bike rack and probably a new drill bit. Today I WILL install the bike rack. Then after that, I'll probably do some work for a few hours. Then I really want to put stuff up on our walls and install the curtain ties. I went to Michael's a month or so ago and bought these cool ribbons as curtain ties. It's going to look cool.

So, my friend Anneliese in Switzerland: she joined Twitter I can see that. But her account is private and she hasn't "allowed" me to follow her. But she only has 1 Tweet, so I can probably assume I'm not missing much. And she still has the egg as her avatar, so I'm again going to make an assumption, this time I'm assuming she's still in the incubation stage.

I made some hard decisions the other day on Twitter. I un-followed some celebrities: Daniel Tosh, Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks, and Jerry Seinfeld. They are horrible Twitter-ers. Horrible! I like juicy specifics from the heart. These twitter feeds had none of that. Which surprised me, especially from Lady Gaga. Examples of juicy specifics from the heart (celebrities): DougStanhope, djadam12, flea333, ManMadeMoon (Duncan Jones = David Bowie's procreativity), chrisrock, louisck, BrentSpiner, DonaldGlover, CraigyFerg, and JimCarrey. My fave celebrity Twitter account out of all I mentioned above is BrentSpiner. That fucker doesn't mess around with his tweets.

I like how you can follow people from other countries and different cities in the US. I find time zones fascinating. When Sinčad was tweeting, I'd wake up in the mornings to a slew of tweets by her, she lives half way around the planet. Now, there's nothing on my twitter feed when I wake up, especially on weekdays. I love the obligatory drunken tweets on Friday and Saturday nights by everyone, trying oh trying SO hard to practice restraint, and succeeding most of the time...but on Twitter, we all know the heart of hearts of *that*tweet*you*just*tweeted*.

Ok, well it's 7:30 and I fed the kitties an hour ago. They are quiet. Bathed. They love to slather their bodies in cat-food scented cat spit after a meal of yummy yummy Eukanuba.

I hope today treats me right. I hope I don't have too much crazy shit happen on my work email. It is Monday, though. Monday's almost always blow.

Although last Monday I thought was great because I was sitting in dry clothes on an ergonomic office chair in a climate controlled building instead of riding my bike in the pouring rain with soggy bike shorts.

We had espressos after dinner last night.

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