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2011-10-18 - Four hundred dollars on shoes 👠👡👟👢

Yesterday was great. I went to the Container Store as planned, got the stuff for my bike rack installation. Then I made a pit stop at DSW and got 5 pairs of shoes, spent $400.

I got stalked by my boyfriend as I was deciding on which pair of black boots to buy. He called me as I was stuffing my foot in a boot. "I'm parked outside DSW, let's go eat lunch!"

So we had a romantic lunch near the Galleria.

I came home and did a bunch of crap around the apartment, stuff I've been needing to do for forever. Put up shelves, installed the bike rack, installed the curtain ties, hung up a jewelry-holder thing in the bathroom that I got at the Container Store, put away a bunch of crap that was sitting on the kitchen counters. The place is really coming together nicely. I still haven't hung everything up on the walls. I want to go to Marshall's and see what they have on sale as far as "art" goes. Sometimes Marshall's has cool shit.

Richard got me Biophilia by Björk. I listened to it to and from work today. I love her voice. The music, upon first listen, is a bit disjointed, will take a few listens to grasp.

We decorated our balcony with Halloween stuff last night. I love Halloween. I think maybe this year I'm going to be a mummy again.

Plans this evening with Richard include breaking out the sleeping bags and sprawling in front of the Xbox in the "dining" area and watching that scary movie "Priest", and also I'm going to carve a pumpkin.

Peace out, technology.

PS: MY FRIEND ANNELISE HAS A TWITTER ACCOUNT NOW, WOOHOO! It is private, though. So, that's all I'm going to say about it. Except I have one more thing to say: I hope she puts up something interesting for her avatar, soon. The egg thing is very very very boring and impersonal.


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