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2011-10-19 - Wednesday night musings

Priest was a good movie, I liked it. Yet another take on the vampire theme, only this time they don't have eyes, and are slimy with a silvery exudate. Then Carl Urban comes along...

I won't tell you the rest, lest you decide to see it.

I'm going to be in a cook-off Saturday. My category is "beans". I asked if anything in the legume category would be acceptable, and they said alright. So I'm going to make those lentil patties with 2 different dipping sauces, maybe a dried chili sauce, and an avocado dressing? Haven't decided. There are 12-15 judges, plus I should have enough samples for 200 people. Crazy, I know! I just found out yesterday I'm participating. Jesus Christ. What have I got myself into.

I have some experience. I used to help Wade with catering gigs all the time back when we were married.

I'm going to do as much stuff ahead of time as I can. Like, tonight I'm going to the grocery store for all the ingredients. I'll soak the lentils tonight, then cook all the patties Thursday night, and make the chili sauce. I can't do anything Friday night because we have plans. Saturday morning I'll make the avocado dressing, so it'll be fresh and green. Oy vey.

I got my blood test results back today. I'm normal, everything's normal. Not that I was worried. It was just a yearly thing they do at my job.

Tonight we're watching Night of the Living Dead. 1968. George A. Romero. Never seen it.

Anneliese twitter update:
She now has a very non-boring avatar picture. Good job, Anneliese! Although, I don't understand why she has a protected account. Hmm, I won't linger on that. I'm just tickled pink we are closer with our communications, it's great! I've been in an Anneliese desert for years. No more!

Somebody at work didn't recognize me today because my hair is so long. It's got this nice wave to it, too.

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