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2011-10-23 - livin la vida loca

The avocado dressing came out great.

Nobody at work, including my boss, thought it was weird I came in at 12:30 Friday.

After work, I came home and worked on the chili sauce some more.

Then we went to the bar, then dancing til 2 am then we ate Mexican after that. I didn't get to sleep til 4 something.

Saturday (yesterday) set my alarm for 6 to cook the chili sauce some more and work on the lentil fritters. Had to be ready by 10:30, which I was ready! I was really super pumped and over-caffeinated at that point.

Got there to the cook off about 11:15. There were 23 different booths, everyone was setting up. I was a replacement for somebody in the bean category, but I ended up knowing everybody on the team, so that was cool.

I started giving samples of my fritters with the 2 sauces and there was some buzz flying around after a while. I must have made over 1000 little fritters, there were so many. I made enough sauce, too. I handed out those things ALL DAY! Everyone loved them, I had people coming by telling me their friend told them about the lentil fritters, etc etc.

But I didn't win. They had 5th place and higher. But I didn't win. I am so bummed!!

I think it was my presentation of my fritters for the judges. The rules were that you had to put your food in a styrofoam to-go box. So the head chick on my team plated my food for me, and I don't think we put enough dipping sauces for all the judges. That's the only thing I think where we went wrong. Cuz I had people coming up to me all day saying how good my fritters were, etc.

Oh well. I had a frickin blast ALL DAY. I had so much fun sharing all my food with people. I was a hit with the vegetarians. This one chick came up twice to get a big plate of my fritters *twice* with some avocado sauce and said "You know, you're the only vegetarian dish at this whole cook off!"

People seemed to like the avocado sauce better than the chili sauce.

I am exhausted.

We got home at 8:30 and I immediately took a shower and just crashed. Richard went out. I was out like a light before 9. I was even too tired to eat. He got home at 2 and I woke up and had a banana and some generic goldfish crackers called "cheesy whales". Watched some Teen Titans for a bit. Then Richard brushed his teeth and crashed. I'm in bed with him now, but not sleeping. I want to sleep some more for sure.

Wow, what a roller coaster this cook off has been. I came home smelling like a BBQ pit. I saw so many good friends in one place, it was great.

My body feels like I got run over by a truck.

My life is crazy and that's how I like it.

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