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2011-10-25 - Lentil fritter recipe

I've been incredibly exhausted since the cook off. It took a lot out of me. It was like I was trying desperately to prove something. To prove I could pull off a food event thing like Wade used to. It's like, every single thing I've done with him, I'm trying to reclaim as my own. Places we've gone to, restaurants visited, bars, music venues. I've made new memories to cover up my memories I have of him. But I still think about him every day, I imagine how different we are now. Is he happy? Would he be happy for me and how my life is now? It's definitely better without him. Does he feel the same way? Is he happy I divorced him? Can I even ask that? How can anyone feel happy about rejection? I can justify it all day: I went to counseling by myself for 2 years, worked full time, went to grad school full time, supported us both on a $34K salary while he didn't work for a whole year, didn't work on his pro-paper, and complained that I needed to make more money so we could buy a house. After 3 years of trying to pull him out of his depression.... I rejected him. So I'm the bad guy and I'll have to live with that. But I want to know if he's successful, happy, has a cool wife + kids.

Anyway, so I've been exhausted. Finally tonight I did all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen from my Saturday cooking endeavor. It took me 2 hours to clean it all. Jesus Christ! It feels good to have it clean. Closure.

It's 11 already. Last night I went to sleep at 9. Richard woke me up at 1, but I went right back to sleep.

Oh my god, y'all, I'm so excited that Beavis and Butthead's gonna be on again. You don't even know! They are so hilarious, I love Mike Judge. Love his movies: Office Space, Idiocracy, Extract. I can't wait! Thursday night! 10/9 Central!

Is anyone else weirded out they saw the Northern Lights last night in Georgia?!? What does it all mean?

And now, per Misfitstray's request, my lentil fritter recipe:
Soak overnight 2 cups of dried lentils (I used red lentils) covered in cold water.
Drain lentils, rinse well
Process lentils in food processor with:
1 Raw onion
Few cloves of garlic
Fresh herbs (I used a whole bunch of fresh cilantro, but I imagine you could use basil, mint, etc)
Salt, make sure you use enough. Taste the batter.
Olive oil
Enough water to make it like thick pancake or waffle batter consistency
Spices! I've used curry powder, or a mix of cumin and ground coriander seed. You could pretty much use anything here.
Drop by spoonful onto hot griddle with hot oil on it, so you kinda pan fry them. Turn them over when you see the sides turn brown and the patty starts to firm up. After you turn them, give them a nice squashing with the back side of the spatula.

Yummy! If you make them, let me know how they turn out! Won't hurt my feelings one bit if you modify the recipe.

Ok I'm outta here!

Don't forget to watch Beavis and Butthead Thursday!

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