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2011-11-06 - Watching TV in bed with my boyfriend and kitties on a Sunday

After I wrote that entry yesterday, I went back to sleep for 4 more hours. It was great.

I took down the Halloween decorations and put them into storage.

Then I went to Ikea. They were all out of stock of the shelves I wanted. They're getting more in stock tomorrow. I've got tomorrow off. Looks like I'll be going to Ikea again tomorrow. And Ace hardware.

All the stuff I was doing yesterday, I only had a few pancakes for breakfast, skipped lunch. We went to a cook out at a friend's house. I started drinking before I ate, which turned out to be bad later on. We went to the bar and I had Richard take me home early. He stayed out an extra hour with our friends. I didn't even drink that much, it just hit me on all sides of wrong because I didn't eat all day. It's 11:40 and we're still in bed with the kitties.

Misfitstray made my lentil fritters!!! All the way in Germany!! So cool. But she modified the recipe: baked it in a pan, kinda like a casserole or loaf. Very creative. Now I want to try it that way... the crispy parts looked delicious! (She tweeted a picture.) **Love it, Misfitstray!!**

I bought this frame at Ikea with these light strips you can install, and I brought it all home, but I haven't figured out how to put it all together. I should have gotten better instructions from the Ikea people. I'll give it a go when I finally get my ass out of bed, and we get some food.

I got a mirrored circular jewelry box to hang above the john. It looks great. Smaller than what I envisioned, but it works.

Ima get up now.

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