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2008-01-01 - first

January 1, 2008

It's a new year...

Last night, I fell asleep before midnight on the couch with the TV on, showing a delayed "live" viewing of the ball in NYC. He woke me up 3 minutes 'til midnight so we could count down with Carson Daly and listen to him go on and on about baseball.

I think I'm totally addicted to YouTube - I've been on it all day. I even added my own video today. It's only 14 seconds long. iMovie is cool.

Anyway, I'm still pretty sick. It's transitioned into a horrible cough, every now and then I have to cough and cough until tears stream down my face, and globules dislodge themselves from my bronchial tubes. It's really painful. I took some Mucinex, which seems to help a little. My body's really achy and I don't feel like doing anything except watching videos on YouTube.

That last sentence doesn't look right. Should it read...

My body's really achy and I don't feel like doing anything except watch videos on YouTube. ?

If you have a fever for too long, it can fry your brain. Did you know this?

I have to go to work tomorrow, then we're flying on a plane to visit the nephews for 4 days. I think this is a bad idea. My husband thinks otherwise. Arrrgh. He says let's wait and see how we feel tomorrow when we both get off work. Yeah, like a miracle is going to occur and suddenly, 3 days into the flu, I'm going to feel like traveling on a plane to visit family and get them sick, too.

Anyway, we'll see. Miracles do happen.

Sigur Ros' new album is killer, total beauty. I cannot get enough of it...when I'm not watching YouTube, that is. I found a completely heart-melting video from them the other day, here.

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