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2011-01-24 - No thanks, I'll just stick to Twitter

Sunday I rode 57 miles with my bike friend. She rocks. I was going so slow, but then, so was she. We started out at 48F degrees, which felt warm compared to Saturday morning.

It was a really cool ride, out in the country roads northwest of Houston. We saw a bobcat! It darted across the road right in front of me and my friend, it was amazing! Chills went up and down my whole entire body. It's like, the unicorn of Texas!


Drinking red wine with Richard on a Monday night. I made soup again tonight with drop biscuits. Yummy! Soup had potatoes, mix veg, onion, garlic, kidney beans, barley, edamame, parsley, Italian veg, and white peppercorn. Oh, and chicken stock. Like I said... yummy!

I had my mid fiscal year review with the boss lady today. It went alright.

I love Twitter.

I've really never been on Facebook, and when I tell people this, they don't believe me. In fact, I've even received hostile reactions when I reveal such info to people who inquire, "Ooo! Are you on Facebook?!?"

Do I have to, really? Why is it supposedly essential?

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