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2006-07-03 - hygiene drink tube

5:45 p.m.

I'm meeting with my prof Thursday at noon to go over the lit review - again. I'm very nervous about this - it's probably just temporary. This shit has to get done.


I found these killer earrings at cl@ir's today, dangly, with scull and crossbones and a cross, silver. I LOVE them! I'm going to wear them Friday - we're going to see some live music.


Amor says I've dropped off the "anger diet" and I need to get back on the wagon. I agree. I think I'm going to re-start the whole book. God. C'mon, Acorn. I haven't been that bad, really. I just could be better...


Spring cleaning:

I just deleted some diaries from my profile because either I don't read them anymore or they no longer update. If this was you and I have done this in error, please talk to me!


We went to Chinatown with Francis yesterday and had Dim Sum. Man, it was sooooo good. Then we went shopping at the market and I bought some tapioca pearls - I'm going to make my own bubble tea. It's becoming an expensive habit. Also, I got this plastic round thing with a hook on it with about a dozen clothes pins attached to it - for my unmentionables when I do laundry. It was four dollars! Wow. And then I bought a package of "hygiene drink tubes" - straws. Yes!

I love it. We went up and down every single isle.

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