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2006-10-13 - Friday the 13th

I can rewrite my entire paper in 4 days going from 71 to 113 pages. And yet it's taking me over a week to change a few headings on a couple of tables, and generate 3 graphs.

More pressing issues:

[] My hairdresser, my little guy, he's moving to New York this month. What am I going to do? I've never had an official hairdresser before, one that I called my own. He provided the name of someone he recommends for me, but not after telling me that maybe I should think about growing out my hair. Why did he tell me to grow out my hair? Because he really thinks my hair will look good longer? Or to just put some time between my last haircut with him and the disaster that awaits me with a new hairdresser?

[] I hurt my toe during that fall after the Friday's ACL. Basically I jammed my toenail back up into the nailbed. The nail is completely black. And for 5 days after it happened, it swelled up like a purple grape. I had to walk all over Europe with it like that, and it hurt sometimes. But not as much as you would think. I definitely let you know when the nail falls off.

[] I haven't worked out in almost a month. I don't feel fat, though. I have no desire to start. I think Amor's worried about this lack of motivation. I don't think he should worry about it. I'll snap out of it. I hear Chaline calling: L-L-L-Ladies! F-F-F-Fellas! P-P-P-Paaaaar-tay!

[] I was getting into the song "Halo" by Depeche Mode today. You should, too.

[] Tomorrow, today will be yesterday.

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