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2006-10-18 - it does me

I do have more Europe pictures, stay tuned. But for now, here's some from our Sunday night dinner party.

Our dining table has seen many a dinner party.


Butternut squash soup - with real cream.


My friend, Francis. (That's not her real name, by the way.)


Who invited Jimmy Carter?


My pumpkin on the right, Francis' pumpkin on the left.


Profile of Amor's pumpkin. I think this kicks ass. I've never seen anyone do a 3D nose on a pumpkin before.


Our balcony with all the lit pumpkins. (We also had our blue string-lights turned on.)


Now to the good stuff:

My meeting with my prof went SO well. You guys ----> we set a date for my defense. This means I will give a presentation on my paper, my committee members will decide if I get my degree or not. I put together a power point presentation and showed my prof, and he said it was fine. He said it's no big deal at all.

It's finally going to be over. I'm finally going to be done with grad school.

Oh! And the date for my defense? Halloween! Doesn't that just make you want to cream your jeans? Well, it does me.

Amor's so proud of me, I can so tell. I think he's as relieved as I am.

But I can see the fear flicker in his eyes for a split second when he asks me how long my paper is (117 pages), how many reference pages (7 or 8) - he's got his paper to tackle now. I hope to God I'm as supportive of him as he was for me, and that his paper isn't as nearly as difficult for him as it was for me. But if it's not, I'm going to have to deal with that. I'm just gonna! I told him I'd help him with APA formatting. Fucking APA, God.

I'm actually a little bit on cloud 9 right now and listening to MUSE's Time is running out.

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