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2006-11-24 - tryptophan junkie

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday, I ate myself silly. I swore I would never eat again.


I joined Brockbuster online last week, and so I've got a night at home alone with popcorn and 'Freaks' or 'The Virgin Suicides'.

Amor's job's got him evergone, nights. Man, it's weird, not having him all to myself every night. It's interesting how his new job coincided with me finishing my paper. His mood? He's so elated, content and happy. So different than the past year and a half, both of us.

Since he's gone, well, that's why I joined Brockbuster. One of the reasons why I joined the MS15O (I'm going to start hanging out with bikenerds), started reading my scifi again - to keep myself busy and content.


The no-alcohol thing is going OK. It's hardest when Amor and I are alone and he has a beer - I'm his drinkin' buddy! I can't leave him hangin'! But I do.

And the no-caffeine thing, well, I REALLY could have used some as we visited the 'rents, to up my mood: it's always a chore being in the presence of my dad. He's so incredibly overbearing and won't listen to you OR shut up. It's absolutely maddening. So yeah, somehow I thought caffeine would help me tolerate him. But that's like giving a rabid dog a tic tac, Acorn. Wouldn't help.


We had to drive back into town this morning so I could go to work. I'm on-call tomorrow, too. No biggie. I'm just tired as hell, though.

Or maybe it's that leftover turkey Amor and I had before he left for work. All that tryptophan's loaded into my neural net. Zzzzzzzz, c'mon!

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