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2007-01-14 - unnecessary the

I'm having a really, really good weekend.

I got up early and walked two blocks to watch the marathon runners - their route came right by our place. I was overcome with emotion when I saw them, there was such good energy.

I helped my bikefriend, DR, paint his garage yesterday. Amor had a dream the night before that I was painting with yellow paint. So guess what color he was painting a part of his garage? Yellow. It was a wooden accent on the ceiling, I had to stand on a ladder. Now my upper body is sore.

Helping out a friend with your own physical labor is cool.

Dreams are cool.


I went out bar-hopping with Candee and Amor last night, only I wasn't drinking. They drunkenly talked me into driving us to S0UTH BEACH at one in the morning, the gayest, gayest, sex-crazed dance club on the face of the planet. They have the best dance music. She'd never been. Amor and I have gone so many times that we don't even notice the freaky freakiness. I got a second wind and danced my gorgeous ASS off. Anyway, I think Candee was put-off by the groping and freakiness. There were surprisingly a few straight guys there that were hitting on her, she was pretty wasted, they could tell, and were going in for the kill. We didn't stay very long.

We're supposed to hang out Thursday.

My husband's cool.


In trying to get my digestive health in line, I decided to try Kefir again. This time I got plain instead of raspberry flavoured, poured it over some very expensive blueberries, (have you seen how expensive blueberries are this time of year? I was craving them) and sprinkled a splenda over them. I have to say it was quite the delicious.

Amor made himself some scrambled eggs with a ton of cheese in some flour tortillas. He had a hangover.

It's 4:29 p.m. and now he's taking a nap.

Do I wake him up before the sun goes down? He's got an hour.

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