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2007-04-15 - Man I was mean but I'm changing my scene

I went out last night to the museum, they have these late-night events with free coffee and a cash bar, music, silent movies, interesting people watching. There's an exhibit from the NY Met museum, paintings that have never left the Met before, ever. And here they are, in my city. It's absolutely wonderful. It was the second time I'd seen the exhibit. There's this one, huge painting, Joan of Arc, which just blows me away. And then this one of the birth of Venus, the little cupids have blue wings, I love it. Two of my friends showed up, so I wasn't there alone all night. I sort-of drank more than I'd wanted, I knew I had to ride today.

Then today:

Picking up Francis at the airport was actually really nice. She'd been gone 2 weeks and had a very good time, was happy. Today, being the 2nd anniversary of the tragic event that happened to her - she lost someone very close to her in a very tragic way. She was a little sad, but not depressed about it. I think she had a little breakthrough during her trip, she mentioned she talked to her friend, the one who died, and was positive and happy, for once. It was good for her. I'm not a bad friend.

After I dropped her off, I went on a ride. Just 30 miles. I ended up talking to this lady who was at the same ride as me yesterday, and she sagged (SAG - support and gear vans/trucks that will pick up riders off the trail who can no longer ride) out at 36 miles. When I told her I did the 72 miles, she thought I was insane.

The weather today was absolutely perfect. I rode strong, surprising myself, since I'd drank last night. My body's so strong, my cardiopulmonary system is top notch. Sometimes I listen to songs in my head when I ride. Yesterday's song was the Beatles, Getting Better. I kept trying to convince myself that the wind was dying down, when it really wasn't. I was laughing at myself. It's like, there were 3 people in my head. The first one was hating the friggin freezing cold wind and wanted to quit, the second one was trying to convince the first one that it really wasn't that cold and windy, and the third one was laughing at the first two's conversation because none of it really mattered because the 72 miles was going to get ridden despite the conversation. It was funny.

Rae said in my comments: I love the feeling of pushing beyond what you think you can do. I've been thinking about this a lot these past 4 or 5 months. I've really been focusing on my mind-body connection. Yoga has really helped shine a spotlight on this phenomenon. It's taught me that your mind gives up long before your body does. Your mind psyches you out SO much. It's like, I've stopped listening to my mind in certain instances, like with my biking, pushing myself, and with my anger, the urge to just get mad all the dang time, at everything - it's just not been happening. Mind over matter, it's what I've been doing, and the more I do it, it's like, I'm training my mind, just like my muscles. It's a wonder that it's going hand-in-hand like that, isn't it? Amazing. I likey.

I'm going to join my hubby on the couch. He smells good.

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