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2007-04-21 - no need to ask, she's a

Fo' twenty!


Today is me and Amor's 5th anniversary! Yea! He got me the new NiN cd as a present, and let me tell you it kicks ass and my husband knows me so well, godDAMN! I love that man.

I got him a ..... card. But it's a cool card!

We went to dinner Wednesday, his work schedule is all wonky, so we had to go early.


Tomorrow is the big ride! I'm going to ride my bike from Houston to Austin in two days. What am I doing? Ack! I started to get nervous on Monday. Today's not so bad.

My little sister and two of her friends and my husband are going to meet me in Austin. Apparently it's totally insane in Austin, the festivities are pretty overwhelming, or so I've heard. I have no idea what to expect.

I just want to finish. You're not going to believe this: two days ago I started getting sick. I felt like I had a fever, when when I took my temp, it was fine. I've just been really weak, muscularly, the past 2 days. Today wasn't as bad. I'm hoping with a good night's sleep, vitamins, and carb loading, I won't totally bonk. Geez, of all the times to get sick. I haven't been sick in, like, a year! I swear! It's been a LOOOOOOONG time since I've been sick.


Anyway, we won't talk about that.


So yeah, Sunday, Amor got the day off (he had to tell his work that if he didn't get Sunday off I was going to divorce him). So, I've got a ride back, thank God. I don't have to ride my bike back.


Today my two coworkers were off, so I had to cover the whole facility by myself. I saw 36 patients! (On a normal day I see 15, maybe 20.) It was crazy, but smooth. I was a smooth operator. It was one of those good days because I had the right mentality when the day started, I *knew* I was gonna rock the house, nothing could phase me. Not even when I had to go talk to this lady and all she wanted to do was complain about the food and cry about her dead husband, it just made me so sad! She said he died when they were a couple of days shy of their sixtyfifth anniversary. She loved him so much and missed him so much, it really touched my heart.


My mom sent us an anniversary card. I'll type out what she said...

Dearest Amor and Acorn,

This coming Friday is a very special day for you both - 5 years for your wonderful anniversary. May all the years of your lives be together with each other as we have been together too - now 36 years anniversary comoing in 2 more months. We love you both and all the good things you do to each other every day. May your anniversary day be another special time together and here is a small gift [she included a check for $5] to use anyway you need. We always look forward to being together with you next time, hopefully soon coming. And we both look forward to being grandparents soon!!

Love in Christ always,

Dad and Mom


Oh man, she kills me! It's so sad she's losing her mind, but at least she's thoughtful and loving and can still spell like a champ.


I wrote this last night when d'land was down.

I forgot to tell you that Thursday night I saw Richard Linklater present the movie "some come running" with Dean Martin, it was a funny film. Then he had a Q & A afterwards where all the nerdy film guys asked nerdy questions about camera angle and stuff.

Wish me luck on my ride! It's 5:24 in the morning and we take off in less than 2 hours!

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