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2007-05-22 - Day 1

Day 1 of the cleanse.

I decided today I'm going to do 10 days.

The salt water flush (that you drink) in the morning almost made me barf. I tried to imagine it was Cambell's soup, which did help.

Last night, I had really bad stomach cramps, right under my ribcage. I don't know what they were from. I remember, half asleep, thinking that I was glad I was starting the cleanse in the morning so I could get rid of the toxins that were causing the cramping. Do I sound like a damn hippy? I don't know if I fully believe all the toxins talk, but for now I'm buying into it because I think the cleanse is cool. This is the third time I've done it in the past 2 years, or so. The first time I did it for 10 days, the second time, 7 days.

Work was not hard today. I felt a little out of it because of lack of food, but I just drank my lemon juice/maple syrup mixture and it made me feel better immediately. Oh, and it has cayenne pepper in it, too. It tastes really good and you don't get sick of it.

I didn't tell anyone at work I was on the cleanse. I probably will in the next few days.

Amor has my car today. He dropped me off at work this morning. He had me drive because he was all sleepy - he was planning on going back to sleep when he came home from dropping me off. I walked home this evening, it was only a mile. My feet hurt afterwards - I had some high-heel boots on, not the optimal shoes for walking home from work.

I'd wanted to go to Bikram yoga this evening after I got home from work, and Amor gave me the idea of riding my bike (because he had to take the car to his work), it'd only be a 20 minute ride. I thought that idea kicked ASS.

So I rode my bike to yoga, locked it up to a no-parking sign, and had to rent a yoga mat because mine wouldn't fit in my backpack. The class actually wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, seeing as I was a tad woozy and out-of it from the cleanse - I rocked out on a few poses, which surprised me.

After class, I felt totally whipped. I had brought some of the lemonaid with me in my backpack, and when I drank it, I felt less floored. It energized me. I did have to sit for about 20 minutes before I felt like a bike ride home at dusk wouldn't kick my ass. (I have lights on my bike, in case you were wondering about my safety, riding my bike in the semi-dark. AW, you're so thoughtful! I LOVE YOU!)

The ride home was so fucking swell! The air was all nice and cool, and as I rode thru the West U neighborhood (where part of Rushmore was filmed), the scent of magnolia blossoms was so prominent, it was awesome. I drank it up as I rode my bike, it was sort-of euphoric.

So now I'm home at our computer, rehydrating. I feel peaceful and content. I'm thinking some of my intention for all this lies in ridding my body of any residuals of that xanax I took last September, ugh. That was nasty stuff.


I told a few people I was quitting today. Tomorrow I'll tell more people. And so on and so forth.


Amor and I are doing awesome lately. I can't remember the last time we engaged in a fight. We were joking yesterday (he had the day off) towards the end of the day that we still had time for a fight! The day's not over! Miracle of miracles! We almost came close, though, when I yelled at him for parking funny, and he was like, You want this to turn into a fight? I yell too much. It's my Latin and/or Italian nature.

And I always use a lot of gestures when I talk.

I'm going to remove my ass off this damn computer chair and onto the couch to watch a movie. I rented Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I heard the movie sucked ass, but I don't care. It's friggin' Johnny Depp.

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