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2007-06-16 - girl love

It was so wonderful to sleep in late today. I got over 9 hours of sleep, bliss.

I did yoga. Blobs of stress were released from all sorts of places within my body, they said "bye bye"! So it goes.

I had to speak to my father today on the phone. It's not so much of a chore as it used to be. After he called me in March (March 17th, Saturday, to be exact) to ask me if he'd been a bad father, and I had the maturity to NOT tell him all the shit/negativity he's pulled my entire life - I actually felt sorry for the guy, realized fully that he's never going to change, that I'm not ever going to alow myself to enter into this world of his, and what part of me that is still within his world of bashing negativity has exited, and I'm free. What a load off my mind that whole process was - it took me about 10 years to get to where I am right now.

Currently, I'm actually able to talk to him on the phone or in person, and not go crazy with frustration and rage.

Anyway, I'm being tangential.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, the lack of stress today.


I had a friend-breakthrough with Francis today at our weekly dinner. I had feelings for her. She was relaying to me the specifics of the experience that launched her further into her recent depression, and I actually felt her pain. My eyes filled with tears. It was terrible and wonderful at the same time. It was emotionally complex, and that does not usually happen within my simple mind. I think I love her.


JOY! I got two paychecks yesterday! I didn't realize that I still had one paycheck coming from my old job, and my new job's payday was today. This is nice. Now I can pay off the portion of our credit card where I racked up somewhat of a chunk of debt from my pro-clothes and shoes and all that stuff. Phwew. We're slowly but surely getting closer to paying them off.

I told Amor, Hey, I should get a new job more often.

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