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2007-06-17 - get off the computer and call your dad

What a great weekend this is! I've done absolutely nothing and I feel awesome!

Our place is a complete wreck, it needs to be cleaned, it's all cluttered, and I really don't give a shit. This is really unlike me, but as I acknowledge to myself that I'm going thru somewhat of a transition period at this point in time, some things just have to suffer from neglect. I don't think it's such a bad thing for the apartment - like it gives a shit!

Now Amor, however, would probably like the place kept up a bit more - he works a lot more than me, and I have more free time than he does. Free time that I could utilize cleaning.

OK, maybe I'll do a little straightening today. But first I have to go to Fiesta and buy some food for today and next week - I have to bring my lunch to work. (Or else eat out for lunch everyday - and we all know how quickly that adds up.)

I'm thinking about making hamburgers for our dinner tonight - Amor gets off work later today, since it's Father's day.


I slept about 8 & 1/2 hours last night, it was great.

Went to yoga, and it seemed to be not as hot as usual. I had a great class, as I usually do when I really push myself.


I've got to tell you, Amor and I continue to be doing great. We really haven't been fighting very much. He still drives me crazy sometimes, but I seem to be able to laugh it off, which diffuses whatever it is that's happening. This is great, I wish I could do this all the time, married life would be so easy! Ha! As a couple, we really are tremendously good to each other. We take care of each other, little things that the other might not even realize. But to me, it's the grease that keeps the gears moving.


It's a raining today, I love thunder.

Did you know that in Houston it rains on average once every three days? It's a very humid city.

I love this city so much. I'm really becoming one with it. I know downtown pretty well, I can get around, this absolutely thrills me. I'm able to tell Amor where to go, when he doesn't know what's going on. This is a big change from about 2 years ago when he'd always throw up his hands in frustration at my navigation skills.

I heard somewhere that our summers are kinda like what winter is to people who live in the north - you stay inside and don't do very many outdoor activities.

I think back to all the outdoor stuff I did this past winter, all my bike training I did from December thru April. The weather was generally very pleasant.


3:13 p.m. Sunday Father's Day

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