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2007-07-21 - Little L

I just got back from dinner with Francis. It appears that we have so much more in common, now that I have this new job. It's an interesting twist in our friendship, and I can't say that I don't like it.

The restaurant we went to was really busy, our waiter didn't know shit about wines - he recommended a Merlot for our steaks, which is fine, but he should have picked up on us wanting to try something different. Anyway, I had a Malbec, which was ok. I just had one glass, which should tell you something right there. He was just too busy to take care of a little twotop.

My favorite resturant here in Houston is opening up a spin-off two blocks from where I currently reside. I am so fucking excited, although my pocketbook isn't. Amor and I walked by today to check on the construction progress, and things are looking good!


I went to yoga today with Francis. I hadn't been since July 7th. Actually, I haven't done any sort of exercise in two weeks, and it hasn't been good for my brain. I NEED to work out regularly in order to maintain my sanity.


I was wanting to go to the midnight movie with my husband tonight, but I don't think that's going to happen. I'm thinking of calling it a night.

And it's Fight Club. I love Helena.

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