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2007-08-24 - I hate my car

I've got a few moments before I leave for work.

My morning rituals includes making my lunch and scarfing down oatmeal.


Last night (with Amor's incessent prompting the past 2 weeks) I went to this soccer 101 for women event with the Houston Dynamo (MLS soccer, our team is #1 right now). It was so much fun!

Professional soccer players are so hot. There were about 50 women and young girls, we split into 3 groups to learn ball handling skills, shooting at the goal, and passing. I learned skills! There were 3 players from the team (de Rosario-14, Stuart-22, and Craig-16) Stuart is just precious - I told Amor I was going to put him in my pocket and take him home with me.

Got to go commute to work.

My car is such a piece of shit - remember that scene in Contact when Jody is in the globe/spaceship thing, and they built a seat into the construction plans, even though it wasn't supposed to have one, and when they started the thing up, and she was sitting in it, it started to shake uncontrollably and then the whole seat popped off? Well, that's what it's like sitting in my car, it shakes so bad. It's such a piece of shit. And the fucking cd player doesn't even work right.

I sure am glad it's fucking friday! We go see Ian Moore tomorrow night.

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