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2007-11-30 - acetaminophen

Thank you for the b'day greetings!

You will never never know how that made my day.


Every week, a different publication gets deposited in our bathroom by my husband. This week it's the 2002 Texas State Travel Guide.


I've been so depressed this past week. I thought it was because I was faced with the fact that I'm getting older and I've more lines on my face this past year than ever before (thank you grad school & new job). But that's not what it is - it's because I've been slacking on my exercise.

So I did Turbo Jam this evening when I got home from work and it just, it just did WONDERS for my mood! I'm just saying. (JS)

One plue one is two, no?


I was reflecting on the fucking commute home how my job has really changed my life these past 6 months.

[] I am required to be at work 8-5. I've found there are some ways to get around this, and it's not as bad as I'd first thought, but it's not nearly as lenient as my old job.

[] I have to really put forth a huge effort to fit time into my schedule to exercise. I like to exercise a lot. I like to really push my body to its limits. If I don't do at least 45 minutes, I don't feel like I've done anything at all. My cardiovascular health is so top notch, 45 minutes is nothing. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I'd prefer a minimum of an hour and a half.

[] I don't like cube life and I don't like the corporate world. I'm doing it because of the money, which isn't that great, but it's more than I was making before at the dirty hospital. I'm hoping to be able to have babies and work from home in the future. How is this going to happen? I have no idea. I've made no efforts towards either one of those fantastical endeavors.

[] I HATE commuting. People can't drive worth shit, man. It's very frustrating. (I drive in the left lane, always.)

[] Spending 9 hours a day with the same 5 people and no one else is weird.

[] I spend more time with my hubby, but this doesn't have anything to do with my job. It has to do with his job. But since we're on the subject of jobs, I thought I'd include this tidbit of juicy information. It's juicy, I swear.

[] I get to see downtown every morning against the backdrop of the sunrise. It's fucking gorgeous every single day I go to work. And when I come home, there's downtown again, lit up, against the dark night sky. I love those two moments in my days.

[] I am extremely familiar with morning radio programmes.

[] I have a better wardrobe and great shoes to match. This has given me the inner confidence to make me the woman I am today.

[] I will allow you to barf at that previous [].

[] Girl, you have no faith in medicine.

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