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2007-12-02 - Thanksgiving 11.22.07

The last holiday was Thanksgiving, was it not?

I don't get a lot of time on the computer, these days. My hubby's been working on his paper (yea!) when he gets home from work - and we tend to get home from work around the same time now that he has this new job he got in September.

So, when I *do* get time on the computer, I put together this huge influx of info into d'land and YouTube.


Thanksgiving pictures:

As I've mentioned before, my dad is crazy. Here's a picture of him with Ricky. He has no idea he looks cuckoo, we were all laughing at him and he didn't even know it. Do I have any respect for my father? No. Am I going to hell? Yes.

My hubby in the kitchen. He's concentrating.

Pies. I made the pumpkin & purchased the pecan at Goode Company.

Thanksgiving morning, we started our day with Crown & Coke. I tried to get my older sister to partake, but she was over at my 'rent's making cornbread muffins. (Next door.) Since my mom's dementia has become more realized (both by her and us), she's become a little more carefree about things. She used to be really anal about not having any alcohol in the house, and we'd never drink together. But somewhere in all those trips to the doctors and specialists, she got it in her crazy little head that it's OK to drink alcohol now and then, a drink or two. So, suddenly, when the fam gets together, we always drink. It's such a nice change, everyone thoroughly enjoys it, no one talks about it!

Amor got to slice the turkey.

Thanksgiving beauty, buffet style.

Rita's plate. She likes gravy.

Here's a video of us at the table.

The sisters. This is such a classic shot we've been taking over and over our whole lives. I'm always in the middle, I'm the middle-born.

Did you think I wouldn't include my huge, stinky Oso? My God, I love this dog. Here's some videos of the other dogs.

Amor took this shot as we were driving to Ricky's family's house that day. I've had a few crown & cokes & glasses of wine, maybe....And here's a video of me and Rita's husbands.

This pic is from last month. These vultures fly over our property all the time, and Sparky barks at them in the air.

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