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2007-12-02 - I'm from Earth

I went on a bike ride yesterday. The sky was threatening rain all day, and it was really humid. I rode to the bike shop (to see the tattood wayward bike shop dudes) because my derrailer line was loose, and they ended up fixing it for free because I am a loyal customer. Then after I hung out there for a bit for them to fix my bike, I went to the White Oak trail and rode that. There was hardly anyone on it, was real peaceful. I'd brought my camera and found these trees with Spanish moss all over them. It was cool to hang out with trees overrun with Spanish moss on a bench with my bike next to me. I love my bike. (My Kona, I was riding. The orange one. Not the yellow Panasonic road bike.)


Remember when I hung out with DR a couple weeks ago and we went to the St. Arnold brewery and then hung out for 12 hours? I took pictures that day.

Beer taps from the brewery.

Here's me imbibing in St. Arnold beer.

Vinyl is cool.


Random video #1: a lizard with no tail.

Random video #2: my cube at work.


I got skype! Per Anneliese's prompting. We've been talking a lot more these past few months, thanks to my time when I'm commuting home. I kept calling her and she kept answering, so our friendship is back on and it feels great! I feel like a void is now being filled up again. I think she feels the same way, too.

Anyway, so we talked last night on skype and it was so fucking cool! I got to see 2/3 of her procreative efforts - they are so damn cute. I told the 7 year old that I was from earth when whe asked me where I was from, and she didn't know what to think about that.


Thanksgiving entry.

And one more pic. My impersonation of Bjork.

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