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2007-12-22 - cleaning off and on all day

I pretty much wasted the day away watching YouTube and cleaning the apartment.

I'm going to try to find us a new (bigger) place to live by the end of February, so whenever I clean, I try to throw stuff out or put it in a box for goodwill. Today, I threw away about 4 plastic-shopping-bags full of old bottles of shampoo, handcream, shit like that. It's such a waste of money, but I'll buy stuff and then I'll end up not liking the product. I've got very sensitive skin and it's always a crapshoot when I make purchases along those lines.


My hubby's on his way home! We had a very nice date night last night, we did all kinds of crazy stuff. There's this bar here in Houston that only takes cash and the bartender puts your money in this old mechanical cash register that I swear looks at least 100 years old. Since I didn't make dinner tonight, we're going to go out to eat tonight. Man, I was SO good all last week cooking dinner for us, saving money by not eating out. So one or two nights a week I think is OK. I've become a wiz with frozen chicken breast. Did you know you can cook frozen boneless skinless chicken breast without thawing it first? You just dip it in buttermilk, then bread crumbs, and throw it in the oven for 25 minutes. It's so frickin easy. I make about 6 of them, Amor eats 2, I eat 1, and we have some leftover for my lunch the next day (I take my lunch to work).


I get to see my crazy best friend from California in a few days! She's got a layover here on her way to Mexico with her hubby and kids, and I'm going to the airport to hang out and give her some fresh baked bread and maybe some cookies.

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