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2008-02-10 - Flowers, art tower, drugs are bad mmmkay, and a haircut

Amor and I, we're doing OK. His toothbrush is back. Mmm, warm, furry husband... :)


Went on another ride this a.m. with Mr. Maiden, only this time it was much more chill. I took lots of pictures of nature.

There's these metal art towers I showed a few entries ago. They are made up of pictures that kids drew/colored, and they transferred them into metal. Anyway, Mr. Maiden and I were looking at them in detail today and I noticed this one that got my funny bone...


I got a haircut two weeks ago and wasn't happy with it. So I went again Friday and had him re-do it. I got it chopped off.


Yesterday, I forgot to mention that I fell on my ride. I wasn't even doing anything cool. I was winding my way around a car that was letting us pass in front of it and I had to do a sharp turn onto the sidewalk and I didn't clip out in time. I hit the asphalt with my elbow and knee. Not too bad, I'll just have a nice big scab on my knee and elbow. Ah, I've fallen so many times with my clips, no big deal. I was just like, Oh, hey, Asphalt. How ya doin? Let me get a closer look at you. Boom.

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