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2008-12-14 - zen

Hey what up, I'm on my phone again. It's so badass to be able to update on this thing!

Well, I PASSED THE MOTORCYCLE CLASS! I can ride a fucking motorcycle! It's a frickin miracle, y'all. The next step in getting my license is I have to go to DPS and take the written test. There's no skills test, thank God. I am just floored that Ginger and I accomplished this, I mean, fucking WOW! He looks hot as hell on a motorcycle. He told me I look "super cute". I think the word I would like to hear is "badass". Perhaps it was my white helmet with pink flowers on it that made me look cute... Well, any way you look at it, we're both cool as fuck, along with everyone else in the class. We had a really small class that had really good chemistry and the teacher was really digging on it. Normally they have twice as many students and 2 teachers. Our instructor was *so* good, I totally loved him. He said all the right things to help me learn everything. I didn't tell you, but yesterday I dropped the bike twice . It was embarrasing and the first time it hurt my pride, but the second time it just was annoying. Then today I dropped it only *once* when I was making a sharp turn (it was part of the exercise) and the teacher told me jokingly to quit showing off! At the end of class he gave out "awards" to everyone, and mine was the best in "moto-acrobatics" because I was a little jumpy and jerky at times, but I made it look good, somehow. I really think my mountain biking skills came into play a little bit because of my comfort level with falling and some maneuvering. Kick ass!

I am *so* tired. I got home from class at 5 and went on a 3 mile jog. I *know*!! What? A jog? Acorn? Didn't she swear off jogging years ago? I dunno what's come over me, the past 2 weeks I've been thinking about jogging. I think years ago I just got frickin burned out on it. It was really good to run again. My breathing was ON, I didn't get tired. I think I had all this pent-up tension and stress from the motorcycle class. All last night and this morning I was *so* nervous. I didn't want to go back to class! I didn't tell Ginger this. Because I know me. I hum and haw about something I know I am capable of doing, I make unnecessary stress in my head. Then I just get over it and rock out with my cock out. Today's class was so awesome, I had so much fun, and I learned a ton. I have no idea when I can afford a bike. I am not in a huge hurry. I want a bike to find me in the next 6 months to a year. Where is she? She'll come to me soon enough, I know she'll make her way.

Anyway, so I am tired now from the class and the jog and I'm doing laundry as I'm waiting for Ginger at his place so he can get back from work (yes, exhausted as we are, he had to take care of some things) and we can get some FOOD, I'm starving.
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