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2009-01-02 - 2009, bitch!

I had a migraine the past 2 days, argh! I haven't had one that lasted more than a day in a LONG time, and it sucked!

New Year's Eve I had a migraine, so Ginger and I stayed home on the couch and watched Point Break (I'd never seen the whole movie) and it ended 10 minutes before midnight so we changed to TV and watched Times Square, which had already happened an hour or two ago, but hey, who cares?

Did you know they had to clean up 40 tons of trash from Times Square?

So I woke up yesterday without a hangover, which was nice, but I had a migraine, which wasn't nice. Towards the afternoon it started to dissipate a little bit, enough for Ginger and I to drive around in his vehicle. I had a pen with me and a pad of paper. We were on a mission! You guys! We're moving in together! I'm so frickin giddy about it, I can't ever remember being more excited about anything in my life, I swear. I feel like a stupid middle-school girl in love with a 9th grader or something. Geez!

We drove around all our favorite places around downtown, writing down addresses and phone numbers and descriptions of buildings and stuff. We even drove past the old Enron building...

Then we went to Chili's to celebrate. By that time my migraine was gone!

I had to work today. I was productive. I got this one project done that'd been hanging over my head since April/May. It was good to get it done, finally!

Niko's been so good with her litterbox the past TWO days, I'm so proud of her. I think that was all it was - I just needed to change out the litter and put in 100% brand new litter. She seems to be fine.

Here's a picture of one of Ginger's cats. He's got 2 cats and this one gets along with Niko swimmingly. (The other one, a female... well.... not so much.) He's skittish and has a notch on his left ear.

Happy New Year! It really feels new.

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