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2009-02-04 - News for newsworthy ears

Dude! I move in with my boyfriend in *TWO* days! I'm so excited, this is just so cool.

And he's about to come pick me up - we're going to go to yoga together. He hasn't been in a long, long time, so this is going to kick his butt, and I'm going to be right there beside him.

News: Today I signed up for this teacher program where you take classes and become a teacher. Classes start March 14th, Tuesday nights and Saturdays. I know, it's insane. But I can't stand my corporate job anymore, it's driving me crazy being in a fuzzy box all day, not talking to anyone. *ALL* of my past jobs have been where I'm moving all the time and talking to different people all day.

Help me think of a new name for Ginger, y'all. I've never really liked it myself. I called him that because he's a redhead. And Derrick, I can't call him "Viking" because my ex-husband was of Nordic decent, and he used to call himself a Viking all the time, it was retarded. So that's OUT, man! =)

His real name is what Dick is short for. Starts with an "R"... what more hints do you need? God, you're stupid. Just kidding!!!! OK, help me think of a new name for my honey!

Love, Acorn

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