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2010-01-10 - Sunday Coffee Francis

I'm in bed, it's 8:24 AM. (I am on my phome.)

It's 28 degrees here and I've had the electric blanket on me all night, just my half of the bed. I fed the kitties breakfast already (if I don't get up and do that, they are complete turds until I do.), so they are sleeping on the bed with us, purring when I pet them. They're good kitties. They like the warmth of the electric blanket, it's like they get drunk with contentment when they're on it.

Last night I drove me and Richard 20 miles (one way) to the Woodlands for a friend's wife's b'day and we spent way too much money! I got to sit next to an old friend (Neighbor!!), we used to be neighbors in Denton. After the evening was over and Richard and I were driving home, he was like, "You know, you and him have a special bond, you can just tell." We have a lot of history together (none of it romantic in the slightest), he's like the brother I never had. We got into mtb in Denton/Dallas and now he and his wife are into it. Lots of funny memories. He knew me before I got with my exh-husband, so he's seen me through that whole chapter. It's nice to be around that, comforting.

Speaking of old friends, remember Francis? She called me a few weeks ago and the last time we spoke I was still "happily married", so she was a bit shocked when I gave her the Acorn Update. We kinda had a falling out because she knew something was wrong in my marriage, I just never opened up to her and it frustrated her. She really likes (liked) me as a friend, so her frustration was totally justified. I blew off her inquiries, I was defensive! I was in my la-la land of the "perfect marriage". Anyway, Francis is back in town (she lives in Europe now) for the next week! She called me last night when we were at dinner, she left a message. I haven't called her back yet.

I want to see her today. We're having friends over to watch the Simpson's this evening, so I want to see if she'd like to do that! Would be really really cool to reconnect.

I didn't have many friends when I was married, and I shunned them all away the shittier my marriage got. Yeah, stupid. But me, when I'm hurt, I hole up.

It's 8:45 now, I wonder if it's too early to call her.

We might go see Daybreakers today, maybe she'd like to do that, too!

Also at some point today, before we have people over, I need to clean. There's frickin cat hair everywhere, gross! Stupid cats. But I love them so!

I want to make biscotti today. I went to the grocery store yesterday and got all the ingredients. I've got this killer recipe. I just need to find my coffee grinder. Oh, and go buy some coffee. I don't like getting coffee at the grocery store, I get mine at the coffee shop. I do the plunger pot method.

You can't have biscotti without coffee!

Richard's beside me breathing heavy, he's still asleep. He finds it maddeningly annoying that I get up early, that I can't sleep in. Who doesn't find that annoying? Some days I sleep in, though. I'm not 100% freak! (Maybe 99%.)

It's funny the little things you hear when you're just lying in bed in the morning. The automatic icemaker in the freezer, I heard an ice cube drop into the tray, and then a second later the water turned on.

There's just 1 kitty left on the bed now, the other 2 have left for shenanigans, no doubt.

I just texted Franny to see if she wants to meet for coffee and talk about doing something later today...

More noises: now one of the cats is playing with this cat toy that makes a rattling sound. He's batting it around the bedroom, he brought it in from the living room. (The big, white kitty.)

I used to avoid things that remind me of my ex. But I don't do that anymore. And the universe is rewarding me by bringing people like Francis and Neighbor back. I won't shun them. There's no sense in that. Honesty, love, friendship... I am such a guarded person when it comes to my *real* feelings. I'm working on that. I don't know my true self very well, I'll admit that.

I should update from my phone more often, this has been nice for me! Typing away in bed with kitties and boyfrend!

Awww! My kitty just crawled under the covers with me, and I put the electric blanket over her and she's purring and making biscuits.

Francis just called! She doesn't have a car so I'm picking her up.

Gotta get dressed and put on a hat cuz I have bedhead!

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