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2010-03-13 - quickie on a Saturday night because youre worth it

I rode 38 miles this morning with my team, flatness was the terrain. The weather today was fucking *gorgeous*! It was in the 50's when we started our ride at 7, then in the 70's when we finished. Ahhhh, Spring.


I lose an hour of sleep tonight which sucks because I have a team ride at 8:30, but the start point is an hour and a half drive away. Which means I have to leave at 7.

We went to the museum tonight, there was a dj and free drinks and snacks. Something different, we had a fucking blast. Richard and I are always such the outliers.

So let me back up to the morning...

After my ride this morning we went to lunch with our friend who's dad died, and his mom came too. Then we went to Spec's (local liquor stor n more) and we got vodka and this goat cheese I wanted to try.

Then we got home and I baked some cookies for the ride tomorrow - we're having a picnic after the ride. Also, I roasted some sweet potatoes (I peeled them, chopped them up, and tossed them with oil, cinnamon & ginger). Good stuff there.

I barely finished in time for the museum thing.

After the museum, we met friends for drinks, but I had Richard take me home early cuz I need some rest for my big 54 mile ride-o-hills tomorrow. He's out now with his posse, galavanting around.

Sleep now.
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