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2010-06-28 - 11:09 PM on a Monday

God I hate Mondays. I really really really hate Mondays. I have all this billing to complete before the end of the day Wednesday. I got a good chunk of it done today. It's not something I normally do, but since the coworker quit I'm doing all her crap.

I got a promotion, which means my position is up for grabs. We've interviewed a few people, so that means soon I'll be performing my new duties, plus training this new person. Fun will be had... not! It took me about a year & a half to really start feeling comfortable. Crazy! I'm cereal! Anyway, I think I'll see the extra $$ mid-July.

We watched Whip It tonight, I really liked it! Drew is hilarious, and I want to be a roller derby girl now. Do you know how much a good pair of roller skates is? Like, over $100!!! Jesus.

My heel's been feeling so extraordinarily better today, I don't believe it. I don't believe it, people! I am healing! My heel is finally healing. Excuse me while I sound off like a hippie: Bikram does this, like, tourniquet effect thing, sending gushing super-oxygenated blood to my damaged tendons & cartilage. Yes.

Richard & I lounged by the pool yesterday, and I conked out when we finally came inside. I was wearing spf 45, we were out there about 3 hours, and I reapplied once. I was tired! Relaxing is hard. I'm one of those people that can't sit still.

I'm very happy Futurama is back!

Did I tell you I got into Stargate U? They played Eel's "Agony" and I was sold, sunk into the deep.

Netflix. What we have on deck now: Teeth & Adaptation.

So, yeah I'm super happy about my heel finally starting to come around.

I made dinner tonight. I've been making dinner more often than we've been eating out, which is *AWESOME*. I've finally reclaimed the kitchen, totally, completely. I can make anything out of nothing... we've got basic supplies pretty much always now. That rocks.

I lost my favorite black sweater that I take to work all the time because it's always frickin freezing where I work: corporate cube world. Last time I remember seeing it was last Thursday night, when we had that terrible thunderstorm and I was on my way to meet Richard at the bar, but had to turn back because there was a low water crossing. Then I went home & Richard's like, "I'll come get you!" But I never took it out of the car, yet, it's not in my car. Damnit.

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