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2010-11-24 - Pumpkin Cheesekake

I forgot to tell you that last week we went to see Louis C.K. and he was frickin hilarious. We went with the couple that Richard got in a fist fight with the dude, the husband. He took the high road, they both did. I was amazed they still agreed to go with us, as we bought 4 tickets months ago, way before the fist fight occurred. I could never in a million years do what those 2 dudes did, I'm such an unforgiving person. I'm working on it, though. I'm a lot better than I used to be, that's the truth.

I realize that my pictures now are really huge, and I think I've got a remedy for it, so throw me a frickin bone, here, people. I've been frozen for 30 years! Just kidding, that was a quote from Dr. Evil.

One of my bike friends got me a cool bracelet for my b'day. Here it is.

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I got off work today at 3, the Corporate Power Above allowed it. Even so, it was still a crazy, crazy, day. Everyone was trying to throw shit at me left and right, and I was buffing and turfing like mad. Like hell if I'm going to let those fuckers inundate my inbox over the holiday.

I love my iPhone. Have I mentioned that I love my frickin iPhone? Totally.

We went out for dinner tonight and I took a picture of the sidewalk. It was 80 again today. But it's supposed to drop 40 degrees tonight. It's going to get down in the 40s tonight. Hola, sidewalk!

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My kitty's asleep on my lap.

The pumpkin cheesecake has 25 more minutes in the oven. It's a killer recipe from Christopher Kimball.

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