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2011-08-04 - Pantry update, and other things

Stinky pantry update:

Props to Stepfordtart for her brilliance. Leave the stinky shelf outside. I hadn't thought of that, and I'll tell you why right now. For the past 2 1/2 years, I've lived in an apartment complex that you just don't leave your belongings outside, and I didn't have a balcony, so the concept of accessing "outside" just wasn't an option. But we have our very own private balcony at this new place, and believe me when I tell you this next part. I was at work when I read that note from Stepfie. The second my eye balls sent signals to my brain, and my brain translated those signals into thoughts, and I realized I could not only put the 1 particularly stinky shelf outside, but it could be placed in the sun (you know, that big ball of fire in the sky that kills things), I called my boyfriend (he was at home), and asked him to place the shelf on the balcony in the sun. He was also in awe of the brilliance found within my D'land notes, and we both shared a "Well, duh!" moment.

So the shelf's been out there for a few days. I smelled it last night. It still smells like death. It may have to stay there for a while. That's ok, I put the garden gnome out there to keep it company.

Real stinky pantry update:

I made significant progress with the fungicide/ algicide application, followed by the odorless anti-odor spray. The next day I put more spray, and put the fan on it all day. Then my friend gave me this stuff called "Odoban" and I used that, followed with the fan on it all day. I've kept the baking soda in there, 1 container per shelf. Off and on I've been spraying multiple applications of the anti-odor spray, with the fan. The smell is probably 96% gone. I'm going to keep doing the anti-odor/fan/baking soda route for the remainder of the week. In the meantime, I'm not going to put any food in our pantry.

I have a friend who lives near Dallas who I met in college 10 years ago who keeps telling me I shouldn't be DIY-ing the pantry. He says it's the apartment management's responsibility. But when you've asked them 3 times already to clean something, and it's not satisfactory, well, if you piss them off... then they're not going to be cool to you the rest of the time you're living here.

More on D'land notes:
Kelsi thanks for the record player advice. I'm now on a quest. My cold lonely records will soon be loved.

The moving of all our crap:
MAN do we have a ton of crap! I've even got 2 piles of crap at each apartment to give to Goodwill. I put an ad on Cr@igslist yesterday to give away our dining table and chairs, so this chick might be coming over tonight to get it (from our old apartment.)

I've been working all day, then I get home from work and move crap til midnight. Monday we were at it til 2. We might finish moving stuff tonight, then Friday night I can clean. We have to turn in the keys Saturday by 11:59 pm.

I'm tired, oh so tired.

And we don't have the TV/Kinect set up, so I haven't been working out mornings, sucks!

And my boss has yelled at me twice this week. I'm keeping a log, now.

We have this conference my department at work is organizing, it's stressful, too. People coming in from all over the country. The conference is next week, M-Th.

I love our new apartment because we actually get sunlight! The cats love it, too. They love the carpet as well. They are happy!

Got to get up, now. Just wanted to give you an update on things. Did I leave anything out? Acorn is taking questions, you know.

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