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2011-08-26 - C A F F E I N E

We finally put up the living room curtains last night. They look great! The fabric is thick, hopefully it'll block some of the heat that comes in from the West sun. The sun pours in through the windows in the evening as it sets, and it gets HOT. The kitties love it, they get all drunk on sunshine. With the curtains up, I'm sure they'll find their way behind them to bask in the sun on the window sill. Or they can go out on the balcony, it faces West, too. I put up a little wind chime on the door to the balcony, so the kitties can alert us when they want to go out, but all 3 of them are dum dums, and haven't learned that trick yet.

I'm taking the day off to drive to Denton today to visit my older sister. One of my bike friends is coming with me. There's a ride Saturday that we're doing: the Hotter'N Hell ride. I'm thinking we'll just do 25 or 30 miles, my sis is just starting out and she claims to be really slow, so we'll see. I'm just beside myself with joy that she's riding!!!! Any of my girlfriends that gets into riding, or likes to ride, I get all giddy about (yes, that means you, Kelsi and Misfitstray and Blaze!) I've never ridden with her before, so I have no clue how it's going to go down. Good, I hope!

Where did the week go? How is it I haven't updated since last Friday?

I bought 5 pans and 4 lids at Marshall's this week, I haven't had new cookware in 12 years. It felt so good taking all my old cookware and lids to Goodwill this week. Crap, begone!! This new stuff I got is good quality, I can't wait to cook with it.

Also, Richard and I went to Target this week and bought a bunch of stuff for the apartment like shower curtains and a lamp and Source Code.

The apartment is slowly coming together. Still don't have the Kinect set up, so I've been jogging at the gym in the mornings. There's a free gym here at the apartments. I get there at 5ish. There's usually a chick there on the Precor machine, and a roidy dude with a look on his face all the time like he's taking a huge dump. Fun stuff early in the morning. Nobody talks to anybody. They play loud top-40 music, it doesn't bother me. I'm just there for my 35 minute jog, then I come back up to our apartment and do some yoga and weights. It feels really good to get back into it. 3 weeks without my morning exercise was driving me bonkers.

My friend and I are taking off in a few hours, I'm driving. Her boyfriend made us some mix CDs for the ride, per my prompting. She said he likes indie music.

I love Twitter a LOT. I find out so much cool shit on there. Did you know that Bruce Campbell is coming to Houston October 1st for Splatterfest (horror movie festival) and you can get VIP tickets to meet GroovyBruce? Yes, this is truth.

Hair update:
It's getting even longer now, people are continuing to comment on it. I started using a brush. It's actually not bad hair. I look at chicks with long hair and try to get in their heads. WHY have long hair? I just don't quite get it yet. The best answer I can come up with is that it makes you feel pretty. I hate hair rubberbands, so I use those hair clip things. You know, like a butterfly clip, I think is what they're called. They've made advancements in the design. They put rubber on the inside, so your hair doesn't slip as easily. Genius. I've got 2 medium size ones, colors are black and tortoise. My hair is dark brown, so it matches perfectly, both colors do.

I'm back on the caffeine. I KNOW, right?!!?? It's great, I fucking LOVE caffeine and go all bonkers for it. Richard bought me some gourmet freeze-dried coffee for work, because my office coffee blows chunks and I don't feel like making coffee or tea at home. Man, gourmet freeze-dried coffee RULES. He also got me some non-dairy (I'm lactose intolerant) single-serving fancy liquid flavored creamers: hazelnut and caramel mochiotto. I get to work in the mornings and I just GO. godDAMN

Work is good. Everyone in my whole department got a bonus for that conference we did a couple weeks ago, whaaat? So unexpectedly wonderful! Now I can pay for gas for my trip today and tomorrow!!

Richard's not coming, I'm going to miss him terribly and annoy my friend and sister by talking about him the whole time and texting him incessantly.

I must get up now and pack for my trip!

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