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2011-09-10 - First update in 2 weeks

The ride with my sister 2 weeks ago was awesome! We did 50 miles! In 106F weather! Dang, it was hot. But we took it slow, stopped at every rest stop, refilled our camel backs numerous times with ice water, it was great. I am so proud of my sister, 50 miles is the furthest she's ever gone.

On the drive back to Houston that Saturday with my friend, it was 8pm when we left, we didn't get home til almost 2 in the morning. I couldn't speed because there were cops EVERYWHERE. I had a large Starbucks iced coffee and two 5-hour-energies on the drive to stay awake. Listened to my music very loudly.

Gotta spend more time with my boyfriend. I get stressed from work and he gets stressed from his work and it's been a bad combo. I de-stress by riding my bike and exercising. He wants to de-stress with me, but he doesn't go on these long bike rides with me. We need more balance. This week was better. I put more effort into leaving work on time, and I'm sleeping in with him today and tomorrow, AND he and I are going to go riding Sunday around the city. I'm looking forward to it. There's this really huge cemetery down the street I want to explore with him. It's like its own little city.

We got the tv and the Kinect set up last week, so I stopped going to the "gym" last week and did the Kinect. I missed it! Monday of this week (I had the day off for Labor Day) I went back to Bikram after not going for 6 months, it was fucking fantastic! Then I went Thursday and yesterday morning at 5:30 in the morning before work, got ready for work at the yoga studio. MAN, doing Bikram that early in the morning is totally insane, but amazingly invigorating. The teacher told the (small) class that we're all warriors. That is correct.

I've been needing to go back to yoga, too. Remember that problem I had a few years ago where I was in pain on a daily basis, and the Dr. said I needed surgery, but I called bullshit and started going to Bikram and cured myself? Well, the problem came back this past month from all the stress from moving, and my job, and my relationship problems...and I was like, "I gotta go back to Bikram!" and already, after 3 classes I feel a little better. My job has its ups and downs, we are all moved and getting things in order, Richard and I are working shit out daily, things aren't perfect, but we really dig each other's souls, so the rest is just gravy. Bikram helps me sort shit out in my head. It's like my psychologist and my Dr. all rolled into one.

Today Richard's going to work at a client's for a few hours while I ride with my friend. Maybe I'll do the Kinect first.

No, but FIRST I'll make myself some tea, Earl Grey, hot. With a splash of soy.

We stayed in last night, it was nice. I had tortilla chips and homemade bean dip for dinner, and a dark hefeweizen beer that was most delicious.
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