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2006-04-26 - husband

As the semester is closing, the husband* and I both have shitloads of homework.

For the first time in probably 4 or 5 weeks, I went jogging. As I was tying my car key to my shoelace, I realized that I'd forgotten exactly how I feed the shoestring around the key and onto my shoe. I eventually figured it out again, but for a minute there, I was clueless. It'd been way too long.

I didn't even jog the whole 3 miles all the way. I walked twice, 1/4 mile each time. But jogged the rest. Did some yoga when I got home, it felt really, really good.

I'm beginning to live life again. I've been so wrapped up with the paper, *everything* was put on hold. I realized I only have so much energy to go into life-things, and this time some things just had to suffer.

Just look at my calendar for April:


Did I tell you that I'm taking a painting class? I'm taking a painting class. We had our 2nd class this week, 2 more to go and I LOVE IT! We're learning how to sketch with charcoal, then transfer that to a canvas, then work your way up to a painting. We're using acrylics. I think it's a great way to give my brain a rest from staring at the computer, looking at charts, tables, bibliographies, APA formatting, all that fucking SHIT, man.

I'm the only one in the class who talks, all the other people are LAME and QUIET. Maybe next class they'll finally warm up, we'll see. The teacher mentioned that the last class we can bring in wine and cheese and have a party the last hour of class. Dude.

I'm having problems mixing paint to achieve the colors I want. Granted, I've only attempted this feat a total of about 2 hours, so maybe with practice I'll get better. I want to figure out how to do neons and flourescents. Can you do that with typical paint colors? I'll have to ask my teacher.


My sleep has suffered so much this past month. And then when I have the time to sleep, I can't. It's a mean thing my body's doing to me, refusing me sleep.


I'm going to see this movie soon.



Listen, I promised my husband I wouldn't use his real name in here. But I don't just want to use his initial. I can't think of anything clever to call him, either. I mean, I could call him The Husband, but that's boring and too hard to type out all the time, and I never really liked that word anyway. It makes me think of horses. I want something that goes along with "Acorn", maybe an inanimate object that describes him....hmmm. ?Need to give this more thought.

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