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2006-11-04 - Gelflings, anyone?

Heya all. I attempted to do the youtube thing. The first video did OK, I think the second one is taking a while. Stay tuned, I suppose.


How are things? Well, I know the burning question in your mind has been, "Just how has Acorn been enjoying the electric paper shredder her husband bought her several months ago?"

IMMENSELY! See, I get all these credit card applications in the mail, and I shred them. It's so gratifying. Sort-of like when I go recycling and get to hurl the dead soldiers into the glass-only recepticle.

Speaking of dead soldiers, I'm on day 4 of no alcohol. Actually it's been longer than that, but I officially started counting on the first. Add caffeine to the lists of substances that I am avoiding the month of November.

I need to clear my head.

I had a dream I gave birth, twice, the other night. They say a birthing dream means that you're about to go thru some sort of transformation in your life. I, actually, can feel this cosmic bubbling within.

Or maybe it's just the full moon.

The Dark Crystal is playing tonight for the midnight movie at a theatre down the street. I'm SO fucking there.

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