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2006-11-16 - church-giggles

Man, this week I've been all happy and out-and-about and exercise-y and cooking and everything!

I've been livin'. L-I-V-I-N.

This "having the paper done" thing is AWESOME.

I've put in two 15-mile bikerides this week.

Amor's started training for his new job, plus he's still at his old, temporary job, so he gets home and I have dinner waiting for him! I haven't done this regularly in a long, fucking time, y'all. And it feels so good to be able to do that for him, for us, to be back in the kitchen. Man, it's my favorite room in the apartment.


And this not drinking thing? It's like a load has been lifted off of me, I never expected this, it's really weird. I wonder when I'll feel like drinking again...I told myself a month, we'll see.

(I go through phases with things, as you know.)

I realized that I would normally spend about 2 or 3 days of the week feeling like crap (or just plain hungover) or not having a good workout - because I'd overindulged the night prior. I mean, what the fuck? Wow. I just....never realized.


My biking is going so well. I think I'm going to properly equip my bike this weekend - new seat, new tires (slicks), replace my chain.


Tomorrow (I'm part of a riding team, now) I'm meeting up with some people from my team and they're going to help me map out a route within this damn city where I can really train. I'm SO excited about this MS15O thing. But guess where we're meeting up: a pubcrawl, can you believe it? How silly is this ---> I'm going to a pubcrawl but I'm not going to drink. I think it will prove to be an interesting night.


Monday night we had another marriage counseling session. It was really good. We discovered we're both too hard on each other. *AND* Amor needs to work on being less introspective, and I need to work on being more reflective and introspective. And then at the end we had a group prayer. But Amor and I got the church-giggles halfway through because the lady's dog (we met at her house) got in the middle of the circle with his little toy and was growling for someone to play with him, it was HILARIOUS.

We're sorry, Jesus.


Oh, and one more thing. I've been listening to this album for the past week over and over, and I turn it up really loud: Catherine Wheel Wishville.

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