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2007-02-13 - RIP Pedro

I feel so disconnected from dland lately. I don't know what's going on in any of the diaries I read. I feel like a bad, flaky friend.


This weekend was my little sister's bachelorette party. We had a stripper for her. I got teabagged by him. I had to tell my husband that night, "Uh, hon? I got teabagged by another man tonight." How's that for a confession? It was a great party.

I made a penis cake. It was really tasty and had a creamy filling.


We played several games, one of which was pin the penis on the blow-up man.

Here's my sister:


And here's me:


Gratuitous stripper-butt shot!


Afterwards, we went to the Bonham - a club in SA that I later realized I've been going to for seventeen years. I have so many memories there. It's an old victorian house, with about 3 floors, wooden staircases everywhere, wooden floors, it's so awesome. They always play good music. I got an MIP there when I was 18, did my first hit of acid there, ah, memories. I love that place.

Anyway, we took the blow-up man with us, and he was the life of the party. They even gave him a wrist band when we entered the club! It was hilarious. We named him Pedro. He got to dance with everybody. But the demise of Pedro: he sprung a leak. We tried to give hime CPR, but it was no use.


The wedding is in 10 days! I'm beside myself with joy for her, awesome, awesome, awesome.


I've got to leave for yoga in a few.

Peace out.

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