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2007-03-10 - treasured time

Whew, I'm completely beat. My body's had it.

I went to a bike safety class this morning, and then was supposed to go on a 50 mile ride with my bikefriend, DR, but he bailed on me after the class - he was really stressed out because he had all this work to do this weekend, so I gave him a way out of our ride, and he was grateful. What are friends for?

So I ended up going out by myself and rode sixty seven miles. I totally bonked on the last 2 miles, I started feeling nauseated, had to pedal really, really slowly, and almost stopped to lie down in the grass, it was looking good, my friend, mighty good.

Today felt like summertime! I think I got sunburned on my thighs.

Speaking of my thighs...

I was kicking ASS on the ride, aside from the last 2 miles. Some guy told me, "You have good cadence." I said, "What's that?" and then didn't hear his reply because I was already too far ahead of him to hear his answer.

Nothing like a complement from a fellow bicyclist to make your day.

Or maybe it was just a biker-lingo pick-up line.

Sometimes when I ride, I pretend I'm Lance Armstrong. I'm reading his book right now. Did you know he grew up in Texas? And he's been hit by so many cars, he doesn't even know how many.


The extreme-distance biking coupled with the Bikram yoga is doing wonders for my body, specifically my blood pressure. WOW, it's never been this good.

Now if I could just get more sleep, then I'd feel even better! My problem lies in the fact that I like to stay up late and I like to get up early. It's a bad combo. I get 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night nowadays. Maybe once or twice a week I'll get 6 or 7, tops. I dunno...I don't give a shit about sleep anymore. I just want to keep going on this exercise kick I'm on, nothing can stand in my way.

I do take Mondays off working out, though. Amor's got Monday's off, and even though he's working on his paper (it's the last thing standing between him and his master's degree), it's still fucking awesome just to be in the same room together, as I pass by, I always rub his head or give him a quick kiss, or run my hand over his arm and shoulder. We really don't see each other that much because of his work schedule, so when we do see each other, it's treasured time.

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