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2007-03-13 - rebel diamonds

I will now comment on my latest comments.

Smed I'll have the #4 with extra sour cream and rice. Hey, at least they haven't made a movie version of Kafka's "Metamorphosis" because I'd hate to see a roach tattooed on your foot.

I love Franz - really, nitty-gritty depressing. I especially like "In the penal colony", whoa. I don't know anyone that has a roach tatoo, do you? That's gross.

Oh, and you never answered me if you want guacamole or not.


Lambert Where's MY drunken comment?

I suck. You are next in line, my little liebchen.


dom wow, that video's freakin hilarious. i love Gervais. what show is that from? i've only seen him in the BBC's The Office.

My husband turned me on to that clip. It's from his show "Extras", which I've never seen.


Blaze YOu'Re DrUnK! Well, not anymore. But I'm pretty sure the "YOu'Re StuPiD!" comment you left me was one of your drunken comments. I'm honored!

Well, you SHOULD feel honored. You're doing the right thing.


derrick I wonder if that will work in a bar. Hey baby, nice cadence. I should try it just to see how many blank stares and/or drinks I get thrown in my face. =p

Please do that. Then write me a 3 page report, double spaced, times new roman, complete with a power point presentation. Who knows what will work on chicks nowadays? Everyone's on fucking myspace, which I totally don't understand the attraction to that place. Maybe I'm old.


Lily Word to your exercise regimen Acorn! I wish there were some way to make people understand how much freakin' better a little exercise would make them feel. Endorphins baby, gotta love em! "Almost summer", pah! What do you southerners know about a good winter ;)...

I think people DO know how exercise makes them feel, they've just become so far removed from it, it's too hard for them to go back to. Everyone exercised in high school, didn't they? And it made them feel good, didn't it? I don't know how to get people motivated about exercise - it would sure make this world a better place, I think people would definitely be happier and more well-rounded, and maybe be less likely to pop a pill for something.

And no, I really don't know what a real winter is like. I maybe see snow once every 5 years or so. I think I've made two snowmen in my lifetime.


I got royally pissed off at my husband last night for something really stupid. Then today I got royally pissed off at my old hairdresser (he moved, I got a new hairdresser, but then went back to him today for brow-shaping because I'm stupid and thought maybe it'd be good to see him again, and maybe I'd give him another chance - NEVER GOING TO DO THAT AGAIN) because of a misunderstanding about my eyebrows, they didn't look right and he failed to tell me he wasn't done with them, when I thought he was done, and I was all like, "This one is thicker." and it seemed to me he was bullshitting me on how they couldn't be exactly, 100% identical, why couldn't he just tell me he wasn't finished? He's a nice kid, I just need to break off my professional relationship with him and just be his friend.

GOD. I was pissed off.

I'm still not 100% satisfied with my brows.

So I went to yoga and gathered my chi and had a really good class.

Well, if you were wondering, the answer to your question is, "Yes, I've still got my anger issues, and yes I'm still working on them, and yes they still drive my husband crazy."

But, yes, I'm getting better. I've got good days. I've got bad days. I've had good moments. I've had bad moments.


During my spin class, the teacher plays really good music. One song that I'd never heard before was by the Killers, Sam's Town. It spoke to me. Have you heard it?

I don't spend any time on the computer nowadays except to check email and read diaries and look up bikerlingo on wikipedia. I think when I finished school, I realized how much time I had been spending on the computer and it weirded me out a bit. It's like, I'd spend hours and hours writing my paper, and then spend hours and hours winding down - all on the computer.

Now I spend hours and hours on my bike.

Let me leave you with a quote from Lance, on page 85....

Why did I ride when I had cancer? Cycling is so hard, the suffering is so intense, that it's absolutely cleansing. You can go out there with the weight of the world on your shoulders, and after a six-hour ride at a high pain threshold, you feel at peace. The pain is so deep and strong that a curtain descends over your brain. At least for a while you have a kind of hall pass, and don't have to brood on your problems; you can shut everything else out, because the effort and subsequent fatigue are absolute.


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