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2007-04-01 - a fellow biker tells me I am awesome

I rode 62 miles yesterday, an organized ride with rest stops/volunteers. It was thru the Texas countryside, lots of cows and bluebonnets. Everyone started riding immediately after a violent thunderstorm that scared about 2/3 of the participants away, turnout was low. It was so amazing, the calm that was over everything, the animals, the trees, the grass, the flowers, us riders. Everyone felt it, a community of tranquility. I had a really good ride.

I had to drive an hour and a half thru the thunderstorm to get to the start of the ride. I was driving west, the storm was headed east, straight towards me. Since it was still dark (it was early in the morning), I didn't actually see it coming, but man, it was insane. People were pulling off the road. I dared to go forward. Anyway, as the storm subsided, the sun started to come up. It was the strangest thing I'd ever seen: the west sky became light before the east sky. It was like a reverse sunrise, really cool.

I drank too much last night and skipped out on my team's groupride this morning -----> I would have had to get up at 6 a.m. NO THANKS. I hope they aren't pissed off at me. I slept in until 8, ate a hearty breakfast, and got myself on my own, solitary ride by noon. I rode 40+ miles, I really surprised myself. The first 20 miles were hell, though. I was spreading good will, too. Read about it: I helped some dude change his tire. He didn't have tools and didn't know how to put his tire back on, granted it was the back tire, which is a little more difficult because you have to deal with the chain. I was happy to help, and he told me I was awesome.


Amor's got the night off! Well, he has every Sunday night off. His Sundays are like my Fridays, so he likes to go out and stay out late. Which is hard on me because I have to get up early for work on Monday. But it's all worth it. He just likes to get out of the house, do something.

Man, I need to take a shower. It's really warm and sunny this weekend, I got a sunburn yesterday. Today I put sunblock on my legs and during the ride, all this dirt and bugs and shit stuck to them and it's completely disgusting.

I have what's known as a "biker tan". On my wrists is a line from my gloves, on my upper arms is a line from my jersey, on my ankles is a line from my socks, and on my thighs is a line from my stupid biker shorts. I HATE biker fashion. It really, really, really sucks ass. It's very unflattering for the female body. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are trying on a pair of padded biker shorts, take my advice: DO NOT TURN AROUND AND LOOK AT YOUR BUTT IN THE MIRROR. I made this mistake early on, and have never recovered from the trauma.


I saw this Subway commercial last night while I was watching a rerun of Soul Train. This couple was ordering food from a drivethru, and the chick was saying into the speaker-thing, "I want some thunder thighs and one bedonk-a-donk butt."

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